First Cask!

A few days back I did my first Cask event with a friend and fellow Brew-master student Jeff. The whole experience was extremely fun, a little nerve racking and turned out really well (Thankfully!). We brewed a batch of base Saison a over a month before the event as we had to let the beer ferment for 2-3 Weeks and then rack it in to the Cask where we added a few kilograms of sour cherries and let the flavors mingle. I must say I was worried we would end up with an under-carbonated cask and we definitely didn't, It was in fact over-carbonated!


The exciting part was when we finally tapped it, and the tap was broken! We ended up changing to a new tap, that believe it or not was also broken. The 3rd tap was the charm. Below are a few pictures of me and Jeff with the Cask.

The beer also came out a wonderful pink color and a little tart due to the Sour Cherries. Overall a wonderful sucess and I hope to do more Casks in the future!